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Use This Easy-To-Install Software To Explode Your Affiliate Profits…

Dear Future Affiliate,

If you want to start promoting affiliate offers to generate an income online, then there are THREE things that you absolutely must do:


1) CLOAK your affiliate links to hide the ugly strings of random letters and numbers that they often contain.

2) TRACK the number of people clicking on your links so that you can keep a firm eye on the metrics in your business.

3) BRAND your affiliate promotions so that they are totally aligned with your business and your image.
There’s absolutely NO escaping it - if you don’t do something to follow these simple rules…
You’re going to invest a lot of time, money and effort learning how to effectively promote products as an affiliate and building out your campaigns, so you NEED to make sure you get the maximum “bang for your buck”.

It’s horrifying to think that you work SO hard to drive traffic into an affiliate offer and yet it gets struck down by…

4 Deadly Affiliate Killers!

I know it sounds overdramatic, but there really are a number of HUGE factors at play, which are stomping on your affiliate commissions and STOPPING you from making the income that you deserve

#1) Fewer People Click On Your Links!

Typical affiliate links are damned ugly. They often look something like this:

It’s not a pretty sight, is it?

In fact, all of that is enough to stop a LOT of people clicking on the link.


Well, because they don’t REALLY know what they are clicking on, where it’s going to take them or whether it’s going to just break their computer.

#2) People Hijack Your Commissions!

Some people will actually use your affiliate link but replace the affiliate code with their own, so that THEY will be credited for the sale, instead of you.

Alternatively they’ll REMOVE the affiliate code from the link, in order to give the product vendor all of the money and PUNISH you, as the affiliate.

This happens totally “under the radar” and will hugely damage your affiliate promotional efforts.

#3) You Can’t Monitor Your Campaigns!

The tracking on some affiliate networks is inaccurate, unclear or just confusing.

When you can’t keep a close eye on the metrics of your promotion (such as how many people are clicking onto your link), you don’t really have any real idea HOW effective your efforts are!

How can you possibly focus on what works (and ignore the things that don’t!) if you can’t accurately track how your campaigns are converting?

#4) E-mails Get Blocked By The SPAM Filters!

A lot of e-mail clients (and even some social media platforms!) don’t like links which appear to come from some of the big affiliate networks.

That means that any e-mails you send to your list containing the name of your affiliate platform in the URL could easily be sent to the SPAM or junk folder.

This will HUGELY reduce the chance of your subscribers receiving and clicking on your links - through absolutely NO fault of your own.

The ONE-MINUTE Solution
You Need In Your Business

But avoiding these terrible affiliate pitfalls SOUNDS like an absolute NIGHTMARE for you, the online marketer, right?

I mean, all YOU want to do is make some money and focus on the tasks that will get you there, right?

You need something SIMPLE that will take care of all of this for you on almost autopilot, right?

Well don’t worry, because I have the solution for you.

There is now an easy-to-use piece of software, which you can upload to your main blog or website and install… in under 60 seconds.

Best of all, you can configure new affiliate links in just a few clicks and super-charge your affiliate promotions.

Sound good?

I’m excited to tell you about…

Easy Cloaker Pro

Grow Your Affiliate Commissions
With Just A Couple Of Clicks!

This amazing link cloaking software gives you literally ALL of the functionality that you could need to boost your affiliate promotions, instantly.

Most software will cause you to FAIL at the first hurdle, because they make it SO complicated to install.

You often need FTP and cPanel access, MySQL database creation, user permission management skills, server name details and more - and sometimes things will STILL go wrong.

How is “the little guy” supposed to do all of this without a fully qualified (expensive!) technical team.

You don't have to worry about any of that 'teckie'stuff with "Easy Cloaker Pro”.

You can install this software by uploading just ONE file to your website…

…then choose a username and password and you are DONE.

(It definitely couldn't be simpler, could it?).

Once it’s installed, you’ll be ready to instantly start cloaking and creating professional affiliate links for your promotions.

Here’s Just A HANDFUL Of
The Amazing Features…

  • Easy-to-use interface to create your links
  • Cloaked (totally invisible) or uncloaked (redirect) links
  • Accurate click tracking and stats for each link
  • Editable links to switch your link redirect destination whenever you want
  • Searchable listings to quickly find the links you need
  • Create ‘Hot Pages’ containing a list of your links for your followers
  • Choose SEO-friendly links and hot pages to maximise your commissions and ramp up your traffic
  • 1-Click social sharing to spread your links onto the social media networks
  • Fully-branded links to keep your branding, authority and credibility across all of your promotions
  • Totally customisable link text, so that your affiliate links can look however you want

Keep ALL Of Your Affiliate
Links Branded To YOU

My favourite thing about this software?

It wraps up every one of your affiliate links into a neatly and fully-branded package.

Remember that hideous link that you saw earlier?

Wouldn’t it be nicer if it looked like this:

Absolutely —

You’d definitely get MORE clicks, higher conversions and happier customers.

We’ve Got ALL Of Your
Affiliate Needs Covered!

All-in-all, it’s the most efficient and user-friendly piece of affiliate software that I have personally seen… anywhere online!

Starting in just a few minutes from now, you can create branded affiliate links that will protect your commissions and maximise the traffic you convert.
Make sure that you don’t start ANY affiliate campaign without this.

That would DOOM your promotions to failure, before they even get started.

It would be crazy to dive headfirst into anything without being armed with the right tools for the job, right?

How Much Is This Going
To Cost You…?

I need to be honest here. This is a brilliant, fully-functional software designed from the ground up to actively:

a) MAKE you more money

b) STOP you losing money

Over the next few months, this software could easily add thousands of dollars to your bottom line, in a whole BUNCH of different ways.

I mean, if you could just get a few extra thousand people clicking onto your links, what would that be worth to you?

Or if you could increase your conversions with better looking, ninja-protected affiliate links, what would that be worth to you?

If we were to sell this piece of software for $1000, the truth is that it would ABSOLUTELY be worth it.

You’d make your investment back on that within just a handful of affiliate campaigns.

But I want to make this an absolute no-brainer, and ensure that you can make your entire investment back on this software from your VERY first sale.

So, if you act RIGHT now, you can grab an unlimited site license (with unlimited lifetime updates!) for just $27.

This Software Is Necessary For
Your Affiliate Success!

That’s why I’m making this totally affordable for you, even if you’re just starting out.

Not only that, but I want to remove ALL of the risk from this, with my…

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In just MINUTES from now, you can avoid the crucial mistakes that most “rookie” affiliates make and start seeing bigger and better results from every affiliate offer you promote.

To YOUR Success,

Dan Craig

PS. Don’t rely on “naked” affiliate URL’s or on the freebie link shortening services. That puts FAR too much of your promotions out of your control.

PPS. It doesn’t matter if you’re a total technophobe. We promise that you’ll be able to install this onto even the most basic website hosting in just a few minutes.

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